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Here at PolyPro customer satisfaction is our priority and we take pride in our commitment to quality and services that we provide to our customers. We are thrilled that so many of our clients and customers have shared their thoughts with us, so that we can now share them with you. Here is what some of our clients have said:

"Recently I had Elite Insulation, LLC. spray the HVAC duct work in my 13 year old home with "closed cell" foam. The prep work and actual spaying of the foam was done professionally with a minimum of clean up required. The results were immediate with an increase in airflow and a reduction in AC temperature of 4 degrees at the far end of the ducting. It was a pleasure doing business with them and I highly recommend Elite Insulation, LLC."

Ken Staub
Basye, VA

"As a Builder/Developer of large mixed use projects, one crucial factor in having a successful outcome is the selection of subcontractors. When you first get into the business you tend to learn the hard way of who the team players are and who are not. Once you figure it out, you stick with what works. That we continue to use Elite/Poly Pro Insulation for all of our projects may tell you where I am going with this, so let me be concise. These guys know their business, provide very competitive pricing, offer state of the art products and above all else go above and beyond expectations to get the work done as demanded by clients. You may not have the luxury of making poor decisions. My advice, compare more than just the price when have a big job to do, ask who do you want on your team?"

Barry K. Kelley CCIM, CPM, CMCA
Builder/Developer/Property & Association Management
Harrisonburg, VA

"Elite Insulation and PolyPro LLC have been a pleasure to work with. Their thorough estimates show me exactly what I am getting and often have great money saving energy efficiency options. They are timely and most importantly have great customer care. They make my job easier."

Laura Scripture
Scripture Communities
Harrisonburg, VA

"Ken, Chris and the team at Elite/Poly Pro Insulation have continually delivered the highest quality insulation products and practices to our projects on time and on budget. Ken is an expert in his field and his installers take pride in their work. Ken's varied insulation products help our green homes achieve very high levels of building performance: a huge advantage in the evolving and increasingly competitive green building environment. We will continue to use Elite/Poly Pro for all our projects, including our high performance homes."

Aaron Yoder
A M Yoder & Co., Inc.
EarthCraft Virginia Certified, NAHB Green Certified,
and Energy Star Certified Home builder
Harrisonburg, VA

"PolyPro LLC / Elite Insulation LLC did a great job with the foam drill and fill of my existing (previously non-insulated) Victorian home. The fact that they had to drill only 1/2 inch diameter holes was great, and their customer service was outstanding. I'm a very satisfied customer and I also have a documented 60% savings on my energy bill!"

Mark McCoy

"I would like to comment on the excellent reputation Chris Wells and his team of insulation installers are establishing for themselves at Elite Insulation. The combination of the teamís workmanship and Chrisí reliability on projects has really served us well for several years now. Over the last three years in particular, we have used Elite Insulation exclusively for our projects requiring various types of insulation work. Whether the job has required Batt, Blow-in or Spray Foam Insulation, in each instance, Elite has delivered prompt service, quality products, at a fair price.

I have been impressed with this company in several respects. For example, a couple years ago one of my customers requested foam insulation for the exterior walls of his new home. I called upon Elite Insulation and the entire process went smoothly from start to finish. The foam was sprayed, cut and cleaned up in less than a day. Once we got closer to the end of the project, the heat was turned on I was extremely surprised to discover how air tight the structure was. This was my first experience with the foam insulation product and the results were remarkable. We actually had to turn the heat back to 60 degrees so that we could continue to work comfortably in the home. The home owners were well pleased with Eliteís quality product, as well as the efficient and professional service offered by this team. And I now mention this attractive energy efficient option to all my customers.

I highly recommend Elite Insulation to any individual with insulation service needs. Chris and his team of professionals consistently provide the kind of attention to detail that lends a positive result to any job, big or small. The Elite Insulation team has created a level of dependable workmanship upon which I can recommend to other contractors, friends, or folks in the community without reservation."

Mike Harlow
Mike Harlow Construction

"Elite Insulation did an excellent job. They were on time, professional, and affordable, and I highly recommend calling them for your insulation needs.

After doing an energy audit on our home, we found some major holes in our insulation package. Our bonus room above the garage was always too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, and we were looking for easy solutions that would also save us money. The energy audit revealed that the walls of the space were not insulated properly and air was entering the space directly from outside from under the walls. This is a common problem for a bonus room above the garage, but after Elite Insulation properly air sealed the space using closed cell spray foam, we have seen a dramatic improvement in the comfort of the room. In addition, we added insulation to our attic space to improve the overall energy efficiency of our home. After a very affordable insulation package from Elite to increase our efficiency, we have seen a 17% decrease in our electric bills. I encourage everyone to get an energy audit to discover gaps in their insulation package and to call Elite Insulation to provide you with a great investment that will reduce your monthly electric bills. "

Charles Hendricks, AIA, CSI, CDT, LEED AP
The Gaines Group, PLC
architecture + design

"For over 15 years, LCW (Lantz Construction Winchester) has teamed with Bob Wells and his experienced installers to successfully complete numerous building projects. Elite Insulation has always worked with us as a team to provide the Owner with a cost effective and quality product. We depend greatly on Elite's many years of experience in the insulation industry.
What we look for in a partner is experience, honesty and responsiveness and Elite Insulation has all three of these qualities. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Elite Insulation for another 15 years"

Max A. Clatterbuck, P.E.